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Life coaching


I'm Laura

You can find me barefoot & beachside in Toronto, Canada, where I coach, educate, podcast, and foster an international gaggle of rescue animals.

I'm fuelled by Mama Earth and her beautiful medicines, and I'm here help to usher in new paradigms in health, wellness and leadership. I believe that we are all here right now for a reason. The world needs your voice and your gifts.

My favourite thing to do is to help women like you embody real change... in your body, in your mindset, in your relationships,  and in the way you show up for yourself and your mission, each and every day.

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 Life coaching

Do you have a niggling feeling that "there must be more than this?" Or, does it seem like you have it all together on paper, but the voices in your head say something else?

Whether it's your relationships, business goals, or cultivating more inner peace and self-confidence, I can help you.  My coaching practice is currently open for a limited number of 1:1 clients seeking deep transformation & sustainable change.

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doterra Essential oils

Are you ready to supercharge the health and wellness of your whole family, naturally? With a trusted guide, integrating natural solutions into your every day life is safe, simple, effective, and affordable. 

doTERRA's certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are the most powerful tool I've ever discovered for helping supoort the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Let me teach you more!

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