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I'm Dr. Laura Hughes

Just call me Laura. I'm fuelled by Mama Earth and her beautiful medicines, and I'm obsessed with teaching others how easy it is to be the guru of their own health and happiness.  
You can find me barefoot & beachside in Toronto, Canada, where I write, educate, podcast, and foster the most adorable resuce puppies. 

My happiest days are spent leading, inspiring, and setting an example of the magic possible when you remember how powerful you are, then rise up to meet your dreams. 


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You can heal.

Health doesn't have to be complicated. 

We all have the right to nourished bodies, clear minds, and abundant lives. And you don’t need a million university degrees or qualifications to make that happen. 

Your body (and soul) speak to you every single day. I'm here to help you learn to listen. 



You can dance between worlds


My desk is covered in the latest medical journals... and the latest astrology forecast. Both are of equal importance in my life.  

I've never met a crystal that didn't make my heart happy... but as a scientist, my brain needs to know how and why things work. 

Yin and Yang. Spirit and Science. This is being human. And it's how we make quantum leaps in healing. 


You can re-write your story. 


Whether it's a chronic health condition or just a niggling feeling that you were meant for so much more in this life, you are so much more powerful than you are giving youself credit for.

The status quo was meant to be broken. You don't have to accept the stories you've been told. 

Reclaim yourself. 


We’re going to have serious fun together.


It's time to step into a whole new paradigm of hope and healing.

I can't wait to help you understand (and love!) your body, tap back into your natural rhythms, and cultivate more energy, resilience & courage.

The world needs you. Let's go. 


“Dr. Laura brings a refreshing voice to the healthcare space through her innovative approach of bridging science and spirituality. With virtues like hope, love, wisdom & truth weaved within her work, she inspires women to live their healthiest and highest potential.”

Geralyn Power:
 (Holistic Wealth and Women's Leadership coach)


“Laura helps me see things in a new light, which elicits a feeling of intituive knowing and inner wisdom.
Brave, connected, authentic and wise, she is building a community of women that truly see and support each other.”

Kristin Harris:
 (Nourish Your Wild Heart)



I teach ancient wisdom, modern science and holistic solutions for empowered living. 

You can become the guru of your own health and happiness. It all starts with natural tools and a trusted guide. 

Let me show you how essential oils can supercharge every area of your life. 


Are you a heart-centered leader looking to empower others, share your love of natural healing and accelerate your own growth?

It is 100% possible to create a life that is full of choice and freedom. And with this abundance, you have the power to change the world.

Let me teach you about the doTERRA business opportunity.

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