"tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

Mary Oliver

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No fluff, full heart. We will meet weekly on Zoom so I can hold you accountable to what is possible for you and coach you past all of the mental chatter keeping you stuck. This is your container for deep transformation in your life and/or business.

kind words

"Dr. Laura brings a refreshing voice to the healthcare space through her innovative approach of bridging science and spirituality. With virtues like love, hope, wisdom & truth weaved within her work, she inspires women to live their highest and healthiest potential."

Geralyn Power -
(Holistic Wealth and Leadership Coach)

“Laura helps me see things in a new light, which elicits a feeling of intituive knowing and inner wisdom.
Brave, connected, authentic and wise, she is building a community of women that truly see and support each other.”

Kristin Harris - 
(Nourish your WIld Heart)

"Dr. Laura Hughes has completely revolutionzied how I think about wellness and health. Her background, open heart and free spirit give me hope for my own journey and all who are lucky enough to interact with her."

Shannon Hugman
Astrologer & Author

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